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The Hutchison Effect - John Hutchison, Mel Winfield's Role

Email Received from John Hutchison on March 5, 2008 (thanks John) acknowledging Mel Winfield as the discoverer of the "Hutchison Effect" now known as Nucleonic Energy (all spelling mistakes are John's own):

mel dearest friend iam impressed with your work looking over your site its great unfortunatly for me i just demoed this effects for tv folks for aslong as i can remember as well as to military;folks;;; your website i was shareing to others i myself do not lay claim to anything as in my opinion its natures energy. you have the gifts of seeing this in mathamatics that is accepted more so then me;; i see in other realms you use math i use visions iam proud of what you have accomplished threw math and dilegance persitance i never wanted any glory or recognition in the scientific world but if iam doing it for the kids hobbits i call them its worth it for the young generation to follow and build there creative inner resources if i have saved one kids life from drugs it was worth it;; yes i worked for alexas pexaro and hundreds of others but i think of what i learned from this; of life and times amazeing things are possable; nothing is impossable i did impossable things you did impossable things your way i have the visions of building things you have your path mel i am happy that things went well in reality. in not meeting you i would have never met alex or george plus the hundreds of others so in saying i thank you over all this time again i say it can i get you on coasttocost your book would sell lots more and get the scientific recognition you so desire ; i desire hey john good demo for the common folks i got my own ideas on this engineering tuaght to me by many folks like you as well as others i claim nothing its not for me to claim. my engineering skills and visions guide me into other things as well not just the hutchison effect but other impossabe projects folks like;;; you can put it into math equations that is accepted in the scientific community wheras me i cannot put into logical math for study ;;on there terms yes scientist to look at;;;; along with my nature few take it seriuos as i dont keep notes i understand the machines and sciences but on another level in engineering precise machineing and guided to do it right iam in doubt i ask ;;;; i have visions of the subatomics and interactions and machinery built right to naval standards precision values the right stuff ; and get results; its up to you scientists to put it into the physical reveiw letters not i;; you have my permission to publish this letter if you want cheers john hutchison

Email Received from John Hutchison on December 10, 2004 (thanks John) originally acknowledging Mel Winfield as the discoverer of the "Hutchison Effect" now known as Nucleonic Energy:

From: "Corinne Tysson & John Hutchison"
Subject: From John
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 23:57:40

mel you will love this show please let aerielle know that your the discover of the effect ok aerielle please let mel know hes realy special hs a very kind man jerzy hi mel is on 20 th december please dont miss the show dec 20 lou gentile iam so happy that you are getting media that you desrve aerielle mel is a honest professional man i have known a long time thank john
John Hutchison & Corinne Tysson

The first experiments with Nucleonic Energy were started in 1979 after Mel Winfield met John Hutchison who attended one of his lectures. He wasn't interested in John Hutchison's work as John Hutchison had never indicated that he had ever carried out any levitation but John Hutchison had made equipment for the purpose of duplicating Tesla's transmission of electricity through the air. Mel Winfield recognized that it could be applied to his work. He lent John Hutchison a piece of equipment to go with it [without which efficient levitation could not take place nor could John Hutchison have ever efficiently accomplished The Hutchison Effect without it] and subsequently John Hutchison phoned and said that he had operated all the equipment together and was very surprised that a heavy bar of plastic had flopped over. It was hard for John Hutchison to believe it until further experiments verified it. It was solely through Dr. Winfield's theories and work that The Hutchison Effect was developed by John Hutchison (proper scientific term - Nucleonic Energy).

I, Mel E. Winfield, hereby swear that the foregoing and the following are completely true. I am not saying that John has not spent a lot of time on this project trying to make it work on demand. He won’t be able to do this without some changes in his equipment. I’m only claiming to have originated the theory behind it and to have urged John to combine our equipment to accomplish it. Whether he had thought about trying to do this prior to 1981, or even had anything unusual happen due to his electrical discharges, is beside the point. True efficient levitation could not happen before our equipment arrangement. He didn’t believe it was possible before this, as he had told me, and he didn’t understand it afterwards as he told the C.B.C. who photographed a sponge rising fifteen feet or more into the air.

John has issued me a challenge to put his letters and the contract with him on the internet along with pictures and commentary of the levitation of a can of tuna and including my equipment. He says that he doesn’t remember the contract or the letters. First, I am not about to publicize any levitation or equipment at this time. This is not a game. I have the moral obligation to my shareholders to keep most of the details confidential. I will say this much. An important aspect of the development of this technology is control. The levitation must take place at the time that one flicks on the switch, not after an hour or several hours of fooling around. I have accomplished this with small objects, every time, of any material. I have been waiting for further financing to purchase some modern equipment that will enable me to do the same with larger objects. Then there is further development after that. In the meantime I have perfected my theory.

When we first started, my theory was in its infancy. However, it was close enough to enable me to know what equipment was necessary to accomplish levitation. The combination of John’s equipment and mine did it. He could not have done it before 1981, when I added my portion, even if he had thought about it [he never told me he had]. It was my idea to combine equipment based on my theory then. I brought Alex Pezarro into it [My mistake]. Alex was only associated with levitation so when the letter from John, below, says he is preparing the experiment for Mel and Alex he is referring to an experiment re levitation. The contract that he is referring to is a signed partnership agreement [below]. Even though the experiments in levitation arose from my ideas, I was generous enough to make him a partner in the project. I thought he was a friend and since I had approached him with the idea because he had some equipment that I knew could be a part of that needed and he had apparent electrical knowledge, I thought that a formal partnership agreement would make things work more smoothly [my second mistake]. He agreed to it when read over the phone and again when he signed it.

This agreement was dissolved when John decided [or was persuaded to decide by Alex] to claim the whole idea for himself. His lawyer declared that “the terms of this agreement are of no further force and effect” on the grounds that John was naïve and didn’t understand it. That is ridiculous Because John is very knowledgeable electrically and has a very high I.Q. that is equal to my own even if he is thought by some to be eccentric at times. However, at this time, I thought it best to part company and since we hadn’t talked much about the theory, he doesn’t know how to proceed with development. A large part of my theory of gravitation is given on this website under both gravitation and epilogue. It speaks for itself. I left out the theory of how to levitate. Access by clicking, above, one and then the other. The letters from John, minus technical reports, and the contract follow as he had requested. The letters are in his own handwriting.

Mel Winfield

Mel Winfield
Mel Winfield


As previously mentioned, we are tapping the energy of the moving nucleon  [i.e. essentially the angular momentum] in the nucleus of the atom. We are not tapping the energy of a “vacuum”. Just as the energy waves from the structure of the Earth cause the nucleon to absorb energy, which causes an increase in centrifugal force and thus a movement “downwards” in an object above the Earth as described, energy directed from any other direction at at particular frequency according to the material penetrated, will cause a motion toward the source of such energy. The energy of this motion is what we use for our purposes. It is a small part of the total angular energy of the nucleon. The total energy is huge when multiplied by all the nucleons in a small amount of matter. This is demonstrated by an atomic bomb when it is exploded.

When we control the direction of this usable energy [by orientation of the spin axis of the nucleon] it can be used for every form of motion. For example; the nucleons around the rim of a wheel can be made to exert force at a tangent so as to rotate the wheel. This can turn a generator to produce electricity, a small portion of which is used to maintain the orientation of the nucleon. Thus no fuel is necessary.

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