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Nucleonic Energy
Mel Winfield puts a Spin on the Hutchison Effect By Tim Ventura & Dr. Mel Winfield, January 16th, 2006

The Hutchison Effect is a striking collection of levitation & materials effects that’s gone 20 years without explanation – or has it? Scientist & inventor Mel Winfield claims that today’s Hutchison-Effect arose as a validation of effects predicted by his vortex-gravity theory of Nucleonic Energy over 20 years ago, and joins us to talk about his model of physics to offer insight into this compelling mystery…

The world is bathed in mystery. Many events baffle even the most prestigious scientists, theorists and thinkers. Some professionals use “coincidence”, the same as chance in a poker game, applying it to many unexplained events in the past just as much as the concept of “energy” has been used to explain “black magic and the dark arts”.

AAG: Let's start out with the basics, which in this case is a model of nucleonic energy that you're proposing will allow the generation of large-scale Antigravity effects. Can you tell us a bit about nucleonic energy, "The Science of Actuality", and give us a bit of insight into how you're manipulating gravity?

Winfield: In my book and on my website I have described the nature of gravity and proved it with the application of the mathematics of Heinrich Magnus, a German chemist, who was explaining why a spinning baseball curved. I applied this to spinning protons and neutrons in the atom known as nucleons and shown why this results in a gravitational force downwards. I have a number of references to the concept in my book besides that in my website at It is the portion of the energy [acceleration which is the strong force] of the particle vortex that we are tapping by reversing the nucleon’s spin axis so that this force is directed upward, or other directions, instead of downwards by the direction of the incoming electrons. We are driving electrons into the atom. How the electrons that get through the electron barrier to be absorbed by the proton enough to reverse polarity is due to when enough electrons equal, or better, the energy of the protons so that their reverse spin becomes dominant. I know the frequency at which the proton will absorb energy at its maximum and it is this, or its harmonics, that is necessary.

AAG: Now before we progress further, I should delve into the applications: you've unequivocally stated that your theoretical models have direct experimental proof in the form of the well-known Hutchison Effect. Can you provide some insight into how this effect works in the context of your theory?

Winfield: I am not saying that John has not spent a lot of time on this project trying to make it work on demand. He won’t be able to do this without some changes in his equipment. I’m only claiming to have originated the theory behind it and to have urged John to combine our equipment to accomplish it. Whether he had thought about trying to do this prior to 1981, or even had anything unusual happen due to his electrical discharges, is beside the point. True efficient levitation could not happen before our equipment arrangement. He didn’t believe it was possible before this, as he had told me, and he didn’t understand it afterwards as he told the C.B.C. who photographed a sponge rising fifteen feet or more into the air.

AAG: Your website,, talks briefly about your background & PhD. Can you provide us with a bit more depth on your educational experience, and how this led to the development of your theory?

Winfield: My book will speak for itself regarding my education [although I have tried to keep the language simple]. I do not have a PhD. I didn’t quite get there when I went to the University of B.C. due to funds. The degree that I have is Doctor of Metaphysical Science from a University in California. It is recognized in that state. I used some of my book as a thesis for this after taking their courses. It was the last chapter in my book in which I used science to confirm many of the metaphysical phenomena. My scientific education has been spread over a lifetime and based on my book I believe that I have surpassed most of the present day scientists.

AAG: For those in the audience who might believe that you're only doing theoretical research, I'd also like to touch on your hands-on work in industry & as an experimentalist. You've done work in the mining & construction industries, and run several companies. Can you elaborate a bit for us?

Winfield: In my early years I spent seven years in the mining promotion and exploration field including hard rock mining and diamond drilling. I have had several inventions on the market in the past such as an electronic timer that converts to the amount of money owing for poolrooms, a superior shoring jack which I manufactured for the construction industry with 16 employees and some springless overhead doors which I manufactured for fifteen years. I also manufactured other construction products with 15 employees.

AAG: Another interesting tidbit from your website is a lengthy biographical reference to Dr. Hans Nieper. From reading the article, it seems obvious that his work affected your own views, and I'm hoping you could provide some insight on why Nieper's research is important?

Winfield: I was not referring to Dr. Nieper’s work. I was just showing his importance in the scientific field and that he was supporting me.

AAG: I guess to touch on a more simplistic concept, while learning about your theory online, I noticed a reference to the concept of "tapping the angular momentum of the nucleus of an atom". How does this relate to gravity-modification, though?

Winfield: I have discussed this at the beginning. Since I have shown that all particles are vortexes and that there are vortexes within vortexes, from the subatomic to the Universe itself, the angular momentum therein is the source of the energy that drives one body towards another one, or towards each other, which is known as gravity.

AAG: As you may know, the topic of Torsion-Theory has recently resurfaced with some interesting new connections between Tesla, Einstein, and the Hutchison-Effect. In that context, hearing you talk about "controlling the spin-axis of the nucleon" sounds remarkably similar to the idea of "spin-fields" for controlling gravitation in the Torsion-Theory models. Given Einstein's apparent belief that spin may in fact have been a fundamental 5th-dimensional force, do you think that your theory is reinforcing his views, or is this simply a case of coincidence?

Winfield: It is a case of coincidence. I do not regard nucleonic force as a fifth dimensional force. Maybe a part of his theory reinforces my views?

AAG: As I understand things, Hutchison typically uses an array of RF-amplifiers, Tesla-Coils, and Van De Graaf generators to produce his levitation effects. In your model, how do these high-voltage electrostatic devices modify spin to create antigravity-effects?

Winfield:I am not about to publicize any levitation or equipment at this time. I have the moral obligation to my shareholders to keep most of the details confidential. I will say this much -- an important aspect of the development of this technology is control. The levitation must take place at the time that one flicks on the switch, not after an hour or several hours of fooling around. I have accomplished this with small objects, every time, of any material. I have been waiting for further financing to purchase some modern equipment that will enable me to do the same with larger objects. Then there is further development after that. In the meantime I have perfected my theory...

Winfield: I lent John Hutchison a piece of equipment in 1981 to go with his existing tools to duplicate Tesla's transmission of electricity through the air. John subsequently phoned and said that he had operated all the equipment together and was very surprised that a heavy bar of plastic had flopped over. It was hard for him to believe until further experiments verified it.

AAG: Speaking of Hutchison, I should note the statement on your site that you were actually the person who recommended the experimental setup that eventually led to his levitation-effects. Can you tell me a bit about the early days, and how Alex Pezarro and John Hutchison got involved with your research?

Winfield: John met me at one of my lectures. After the lecture he told me that he had equipment to try to duplicate Tesla’s transmission of electricity through the air. Recognizing that coupled with my Van de Graaf generator, it might be what I needed for levitation. I asked him if he would work with me towards this goal. He agreed and I lent him my Van de Graaf. It worked.

AAG: You've talked about Hutchison attending one of your early lectures, and I thought it would be fascinating to learn a bit more about these events. Can you give us a bit more detail on the lectures that you used to deliver, especially in terms of the standard "where, when, who" and how they were received by the public?

Winfield: When I lectured it was usually a summary of my theoretical work together with scientific verification of some of the metaphysical phenomena. The public was quite attentive. Van De Graaf: Another component used by Hutchison, possibly as a DC field-bias offset.

AAG: Apparently Hutchison's not the only person with levitation-effects -- you've talked about a levitating tuna-can. Can you describe for us a bit about your own levitation experiments, and whether you'd ever be open to releasing photos or video of these experiments to the public?

Winfield: I have a couple of demonstrations on additions on my website with some preamble necessary to view them as they are not as clear as I would have wished. They were only with a small Van de Graaf just to prove that the partial levitation [weight loss on a scale] could be done practically instantaneously after flipping the switch. The tuna can was John’s challenge to me. He wanted me to also show all my equipment. I’m not about to divulge this although my electronic engineer has built some remarkable equipment. However, we still need about $25,000 worth of additional solid state equipment and working capital. I’m hoping that someone out there will work with my federally incorporated company to provide it.

AAG: I recently had the opportunity to visit Hutchison's residence, and learned about a variety of anomalous effects that he's documented in addition to levitation -- including the jellification of metals, objects becoming reportedly invisible, and numerous other anomalies. Have you seen any of these other anomalous effects in your own research, and can your theory offer any insight into how to explain them?

Winfield: With the new equipment I probably will but I have to wait for the funding. The major part are more powerful power supplies in solid state weighing 42 lbs. each. They need to be solid state for precision. When dealing with nucleons there is no room for variable voltage as is put out by vacuum tube technology. That is why it sometimes took hours for John to get something to happen. Also, I want to build a larger and new kind of Van de Graaf generator. The bending and merging, which I saw, was due to the changing angles of the union between atoms which, in turn, were due to a changing frequency. If anything became invisible, it would have been because the frequency was above or below light frequency on which our eyes operate.

AAG: Since you're working with your own set of equipment, I'd be remiss not to ask at least a bit about the equipment & lab setup that you're using to generate effects, and whether you've ever seen any new effects not reported by the Hutchison, Hathaway, Pezzaro team?

Winfield: I am not going to divulge much about our equipment. Much of it is proprietary.

AAG: I think that most people would consider these amazing effects to be validation enough for your theory, but I'd also like to ask about whether it makes predictions that can be confirmed in mainstream science, such as possibly by astronomical, cosmological, or other disciplines?

Winfield: My book is about much more than just levitation and I have most of it confirmed by mathematics [purposely not much is past algebra]. I believe that some of it could be confirmed through astronomy and through testing on long space flights.

AAG: Like yourself, a large part of our audience are interested in doing experiments on their own. Can you suggest any experiments that the average person can build, or is the equipment setup simply too complex for even small-scale experimentation?

Winfield: I cannot suggest any experiments without giving away too much information.

AAG: Well, in addition to your website, I'd also like to talk about your books -- what have you written, and where can people buy them to learn more about your research?

Winfield: My book “The Science of Actuality” is 240 pages each 8 ½” X 14”. There are many scientific breakthroughs. Among other things I have replaced Newton’s gravitation formula by eliminating G, the gravitational constant, which is not accurate, extended Kepler’s formula, proved the basis of the theory of relativity to be wrong by using the mind experiment of the boxcar as an example. It is said that the whole subject of theoretical Relativity is simply the application of the Lorentz transformation which Einstein used and called the relativistic factor. The boxcar mind experiment was supposed to support the idea of this factor but now it disproves it. I’ve shown that light speed can be variable, how the galaxy and solar system was formed from an interaction of standing waves and discovered a new cosmic principle that links the spin of a body to its orbital path curvature. For an example, I calculated the spin of the Earth from its orbital data. This eliminates the need for a curved space. A few other things are on my website under my name. Also click on order book on how to order the book. The International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy, [a division of the United Nations and an international atomic energy agency] thought enough of my book to place it in their library “for the benefit of their visitors”

Dr. Mel Winfield is an independent inventor from British Columbia, Canada. He holds a Doctorate in Metaphysical Sciences from the University of California, and serves as the founder of Winfield Industries, Northwest Engineering Ltd., and Winfield Invention & Research, Ltd. You can visit Winfield’s site online at the following URL:

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