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The Science of Actuality

Mel Winfield, helped by his collaborator Henri Corniere, has written a 236-page treatise which, for the first time, proposes a unified theory that actually encompasses numerous physical phenomena from the very small to the whole Universe itself.

Among the different forces of Nature, gravity has been largely unsolved. Here it has received a thorough examination about its nature and its workings with mathematical and experimental proofs. Einstein's theories of relativity (SR and GR) must therefore be re-examined in view of this novel approach which is far from an exercise of putting ideas on paper since it leads directly to potential applications. They include gravity reversal on objects of all kinds and the control of a new energy source to power crafts, individual homes or cities.

A lot of research and experimental work is still needed to harness the energy present in all matter but the eventual impact on science and technology will be immense.

Please browse through this website to learn more about the anti-gravity experiments and to read excerpts from the book. Click here to order the complete book and get a total understanding of the Science of Actuality.

Mel Winfield's Life

Date of Birth: January 25, 1927, Alberta, Canada
Date of Death: June 29, 2010, British Columbia, Canada

Graduated with senior matriculation at seventeen [Equivalent to first year U.B.C.].

Earned electrician certificate and certificate as operator of special engineering equipment while in the army. Held Corporal Acting Sergeant rank until discharge at 19 after which he attended U.B.C.

The next seven years were spent in mining promotion. Three properties were developed from over 100 examined. The first, diamond drilled by Mel Winfield, had valuable Gallium ore blocked out, and now saleable in quantity. This is the only commercial deposit in the world and is still available. The second site operated as a mine until the Trail Smelter's rates were raised. The third was diamond drilled by Mel Winfield, who also put in a road and a camp. This mine was then sold out to a New York millionaire for one half of the venders shares of a public stock company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Over the next few years Mel Winfield built and operated an indoor motion picture theatre near Trail, B.C. After one year of operation the management of this theatre was turned over to an associate, at which time Mel Winfield returned to Vancouver.

On his return to Vancouver, he successfully opened and operated a sales agency, later being sold to facilitate the freedom to pursue a more creative life work.

Winfield Industries Ltd., with its wholly-owned subsidiary, Northwest Engineering Ltd., was established. This encompassed a machine shop, foundry and pattern shop operated with a staff of 16. The operation was streamlined, operating at a high degree of efficiency when control and management then transferred to Charles H. Nelson of Marine and Industrial Supply Ltd. The end of 1960 saw the formation of Winfield Invention and Research Ltd.

Mel Winfield - Inventions

With this company, prototypes of several of his inventions were developed and an electro-mechanical timing device put on the market. He then designed, manufactured and marketed [with his 17 employees] a new shoring jack for the construction industry. This jack proved superior to any other jack on the market. At the same time, a division was created, with two additional employees, to manufacture and install a new, springless, overhead garage door. The garage door business carried on for twelve years with up to eight employees. He specialized in two unique door systems of his own design suitable for local installations and later expanded into the metal forming business of construction products. He thus brings to the Company 35 years of business management experience as President of the said manufacturing companies as well as the previous occupations mentioned in mining promotion, construction, theatre management and sales company management.

Mel Winfield - Science

In the field of science he has made several scientific breakthroughs and has written books which have outlined new ideas. The first book published in 1977, the second in 1983 and the third, which incorporates the scientific portions of the first two plus very much more, in 2000. He is presently President of a scientific corporation developing the applications arising out of them.

Mel Winfield - Nucleonic Energy

A brand new technology has been developed by him and has been further developed by him and his associates. This technology is the greatest humanitarian and environmental advance in the history of the world. It is, by far, much greater than that of electricity. He has called it nucleonic energy because it is obtained by tapping into the angular, or rotational, energy of the proton and neutron, known as nucleons, that make up the nuclei of all the atomic structure. The technology reverses the spin axis of the nucleon, or directs its orientation to any direction desired, to produce all forms of motion. Presently, the spin axes of all nucleons are oriented so as to produce motion towards the Earth center. This is know as gravity. This is fully explained in the book "The Science of Actuality" by Mel E. Winfield and has been proven by mathematics and by experiments which include dropping experiments and actual levitation of objects, of many materials, up to sixty pounds or more.

Mel Winfield - Science of Actuality [236 8 1/2 X 11 pages]

The Science of Actuality is a unified theory which, for the first time, actually unifies all of the phenomenae of the Universe from the subatomic to the whole Universe itself, which is a system of vortexes within vortexes. It has been verified through the explanation of the experiments of others and by the replacement of formulae of Einstein and Newton and the extension of those of Kepler. It has also explained the eleven greatest unanswered questions of the Universe given in Discovery magazine, Feb. 2002 magazine. One book was sent to the International Centre for theoretical physics, Trieste, Italy, a cultural and scientific division of the United Nations and is an International Atomic Energy Agency. They thought enough of it to place it in their library "for the benefit of their visitors". The Random House of Canada stated "Your work clearly shows a wealth of information and careful study".

These are testimonials that clearly show Mel Winfield's work is NOT pseudo science, but is composed of real scientific breakthroughs.

Partial Contents

People who believe that great scientists such as Newton cannot make errors, or get on the wrong track, or not be complete enough in their theories are very naive. These scientists are only human.

An example of changes that I've made is that of the gravitational formula of Newton's:

Newton's Gravitational Formula

It contains G, the gravitational constant, one of the least accurate constants. I've eliminated this by replacing G times the prime M with a prime constant. The book explains this much more fully but briefly I use a fact, that I have discovered, which is that the orbital velocity squared times the orbital radius of every planet is identical to several decimal places. The orbital radii are made more accurate by my extension of Kepler's formulas.This gives me a constant for the Sun. The constant for Earth is determined by the V squared R of all the satellites, including the moon and all the artificial ones. One of the satellites gave me data that makes Earth's constant very accurate. The Earth's constant divided into the Sun's constant is the ratio of the two masses. The gravitational force between the Sun and a planet is the Sun's constant times the planet's mass divided by the orbital radius squared. This is much simpler and much more accurate than Newton's gravitational formula. Other important data can be determined from this such as the Sun's orbital radius around the galactic center. There are many other discoveries of mine in this book such as the mass of the Earth determined from the constant of the hydrogen atom, thus showing that the laws of the macrocosm are the same as those of the microcosm, and no criticism will stand up to the study of these works.

A new cosmic principle was found that showed that space is not curved but it is the movements of particles and bodies that curve due to spin. In the case of the Earth, the sun's field of pressure waves, moving faster than the Earth and striking the Earth's sun side causing it to spin, in turn creates a curvature of its motion around the sun. To prove this, orbital data was used to calculate the spin of the Earth.

It has been said that the whole subject of applied theoretical Relativity is simply the application of the Lorentz transformation 1/[1-Vsq./Csq.]to the 1/2. This is now known as the relativistic factor [pages 83-88]. It has been proven herein that this factor is based on a gross error. Einstein's own mind experiment, the boxcar experiment, that shows how the factor was derived, is used to show this error. In summary, an observer in a railway boxcar that is moving past a station shines a light to a mirror in the ceiling which reflects down to a sensor. The observer in the station sees the light move up at an angle and down at an angle due to the movement of the boxcar. The lightbeam therefore has a vertical component and a horizontal component. The boxcar observer is unaware of the horizontal component "because he is moving with it" and only measures the vertical component. The factor is the ratio between the two observations and is said to show that time is different to the two observers. However, the reality is that the boxcar observer is in error because his measurement was not complete. Just because he thinks that the beam time is accurate, it does not make it so any more than a watch running fast has a correct time.

Gravity is explained and proven by experiment and mathematics. Different materials up to 60 lbs. were levitated up with a certain type of electrical field by tapping into the angular momentum of the nucleons which also can be used to generate electrical power without outside fuel when the movement is changed to rotary motion. More funding is now required. A twenty year cycle of light velocity measurement is explained. The origin of the solar system and galaxies from standing waves is explained and demonstrated. The capture of the moon is explained. A new model of the Universe is presented. A report of what was found about the Universe billions of years ago. Time, electricity, magnetism, inertia and more than fifty other subjects are explained in a new way.


The following are two unsolicited emails received by Mel Winfield about his book:

"There has been many questions that standard physics texts do not answer like the very cause of Planks h or Young's light slit experiment result to name two. Your book sets all the fuzz in quantum straight and with the name Science of Actuality sets one back on the road of logic and common sense. If I did not read and learn from your book then I would still be stuck on the road that the standard text leads one down, a dead end. Thank you thank you thank you for such a wonderful book Mel,

Bill Merczel


Dear Dr. Winfield,

I have been reading and enjoying The Science of Actuality, that you mailed me a few months ago. Your interpretation of the Magnus Effect has helped me to understand and explain the physical geometric effects of particles undergoing acceleration. As I understand it, a particle has "self" energy by virtue of the interaction of the elements of matter within it, but has "total" energy by virtue of its environment as well. Entropy, then, is the ratio of these two energies (times the Boltzmann Constant). This idea has allowed me to derive the Cassimir Effect, blackbody radiation, and the laws of thermodynamics from electrodynamics. Because your work is so groundbreaking and clearly superior to mainstream paradigms, I have taken the liberty of adding your profile to the website of the Natural Philosophy Alliance (NPA), whose aim to to profiles for notable dissidents, whether NPA members or not.

Greg Volk

The following is the background of Dr. Hans Nieper and his comment regarding my previous book which I have incorporated into my latest one.

Mel Winfield
Mel Winfield
Mel Winfield
Mel Winfield

The Hutchison Effect - John Hutchison, Mel Winfield's Role

It was solely through Dr. Winfield's theories and work that The Hutchison Effect was developed by John Hutchison (proper scientific term - Nucleonic Energy):

Dr. Winfield's Creation of "The Hutchison Effect"

Mel Winfield - Summary

Mel Winfield's theoretical work has been the result of a lifelong study in the field of physics and astronomy and he feels more qualified than most scientists in heading a scientific team and is confident in bringing the project to fruition.

Stanford-Binet tests and the AGCT General Intelligence and Mental Ability test, civilian edition [originally developed for the army and now widely used in trade and vocational schools] rated him in the top 1% of all testees.

Mel married Yvonne (1979) and had a son Ray from a previous marriage, while Yvonne had a daughter Ruby from a previous marriage.

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