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"The Science of Actuality" by Mel Winfield, can be ordered online by providing us with your name and mailing address and the country you live in. Payment can be made through PayPal or any Major Credit Card. All orders include shipping and handling charges. To view key contents of his book click on the Mel Winfield Biography Page.

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You get a 21 day full money back guarantee. If you order the "The Science of Actuality" and decide you want to return it, send it back in good condition and your money will be questions asked.

The following is an unsolicited email received by Mel Winfield about his book:

"There has been many questions that standard physics texts do not answer like the very cause of Planks h or Young's light slit experiment result to name two. Your book sets all the fuzz in quantum straight and with the name Science of Actuality sets one back on the road of logic and common sense. If I did not read and learn from your book then I would still be stuck on the road that the standard text leads one down, a dead end. Thank you thank you thank you for such a wonderful book Mel,

Bill Merczel


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